Snoring treatment

* no operations
* after 2 weeks you will feel relief
* this is an average life extension of 20 years!
According to American Sleep Institute research, people who snore live 20 years less

You need to use Abd-technology if you have such problems

You snore at night

In the morning you wake up tired

You wake up with a wet pillow from drooling

You wake up at night because you find it hard to breathe

Your mouth is dry in the morning

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What is the danger of snoring?

• A person does not plunge into a deep phase of sleep and self-renewal of the body does not occur, cancer cells are not eliminated, which normally should be eliminated
• The nervous system does not rest, and as a result the person is tired, irritable, depressed …
• The concentration of oxygen in the blood decreases, which is the cause of chronic oxygen starvation. This leads to rapid wear and tear of organs and systems and the body as a whole.
• Hypertension occurs, which does not respond well to treatment
• Heart attacks and strokes happen 2-3 times more often
• In children: retardation of growth and development (including mental)
• Decreases insulin sensitivity and increases the likelihood of diabetes