Treatment of Early Sedentary Death Syndrome

* within two to three weeks you will feel positive changes

Who suffers from early sedentary death syndrome:

  • People leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Those who spend at the monitor of a laptop / tablet / phone … more than 4 hours a day
  • Children sitting for more than 5 hours a day

Why is early sedentary death syndrome dangerous?

  • decreased metabolism and fat metabolism
  • oxygen starvation of organs and tissues, which leads to malfunctions and rapid wear
  • increased cholesterol
  • cardiomyopathies
  • obesity
  • impaired concentration
  • diseases of the nervous system (depression, neuroses)

You need to use Abd-technology if you have such problems

Migraine-like headache

Joint pain

Pain in the temple area

Neck and lower back pain

Constant fatigue and depression

The severity of breathing during exercise

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Early Sedentary Death Syndrome test

It takes less than 1 minute! Take the test now!

Test result:

Option 1:
If you can hold your breath without discomfort for more than 45 seconds, you have a sufficient oxygen content in your tissues and good metabolic processes

Option 2:
If you can hold your breath without discomfort from 30 seconds to 45 seconds, your tissue oxygen concentration and metabolic processes may be better

Option 3:
If your breath holding is 20-30 seconds, you are close to the Early Sedentary Death Syndrome, we recommend that you seek advice from our specialist

Option 4:
If you find it difficult to hold your breath for more than 20 seconds, you have Early Sedentary Death Syndrome and this problem can be solved with the help of ABD-technology! Leave a request for consultation